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HTMA: Hidden Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy metals are so ubiquitous in our environment that everyone is exposed to them. They cannot be avoided completely and are found in virtually everyone to some degree. Sources of 4463...

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Hair Mineral Analysis: What Does Your Animal Want To Tell You

Equine/Canine Health and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis The correct mineral balance is important for all animals, including healthy dogs and horses. Minerals have many crucial functions, including acid-base balance, bone 4432...

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis; Toxic metals & Fertility

Toxic Metals Toxic metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic create problems with sperm, ova, hormone production and foetal development. Sterility, abortion, miscarriage, prematurity, stillbirth, infant deaths, low birth ...

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The Secrets That Your Hair Holds

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) often reveals the presence of nutritional imbalances, metabolic disturbances and/or heavy metal exposures that are often not detected by other types ...

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Glycine – an unsung hero.

Glycine is the smallest, conditionally-essential, amino acid. It is a crucial structural component in the body and exerts a far-reaching range of biologically moderating effects within the body. It can...

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