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How does it Work?

The purpose of NMI is to provide the highest quality, unbiased information in natural medicine to empower Natural Health practitioners to deliver the very best in patient care.

With over 50 independent companies, associations and educational organisations targeting the practitioner only market in Australia alone, it is impossible for practitioners to keep up to date with all the latest research and new products.

Natural Medicine Insights has collaborated with leading Natural Health companies, associations and organisations by providing the NMI Platform to practitioners with an easier way to remain up to date with the latest information on research, seminars, webinars, podcasts and new product data.

NMI Subscribers will receive information, case studies and latest research from around the world.

Plus CPE points awarded for membership duration of activity on the NMI information portal.  

Note: Each association has a different policy on accredited CPE points, and it will be ultimately the association that determines the quantity of CPE points awarded.


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Your Practitioner Benefits

As a practitioner, the abundance of seminars, webinars, podcasts and written materials that are available, particularly when they come from different directions and locations, can prove overwhelming.

Surveys have also shown that it had become increasingly difficult to keep up with the vast quantity of diverse information available, even for the most dedicated practitioners.

The number of hours required for you to listen to webinars, seminars and podcasts in their entirety simply means that, as a practitioner, you need an effective solution to this growing problem.

At NMI, we are founded by practitioners and importantly fully understood that there must exist an answer and an effective, time efficient method of receiving communications, education and information from research bodies and natural health corporates.

The NMI platform will deliver more convenience and more knowledge !

All the information available in one convenient, central location will allow you to acquire vital knowledge more easily and be exposed to more and better access to intelligence from companies, organisations, associations and modalities, including those you may not even currently deal with.

Each article will initially share the essential basics, so if you need to know more, you can then make an informed decision as to whether you exercise the option and invest time to obtain the full seminar, webinar, podcast etc.

Your subscription to NMI will give you the option of being the first to know, with the latest updates delivered direct to your inbox.  This will be your key to success and will clearly provide you with a fast-track option to gain your ongoing essential information. You will find it easier to also gain knowledge and information on modalities that you may not currently specialise in, and therefore wouldn’t ordinarily spend the time to attend or participate in.

Will I still need to attend seminars, webinars and listen to podcasts?


Research has shown that practitioners will be more likely to purchase and attend a particular seminar, webinar or podcasts if they have been exposed to an engaging article about it.

So, one of the many NMI benefits you will appreciate, is the opportunity to gain a first insight into how any particular event or opportunity might include information that is different and why it is important for you to attend. Knowing in more detail how an event will benefit you, your clinic and your patients will enable you to make an informed decision with regard to attending an event.

NMI provides you with options, so you will be able to be far more selective about the justification of your investment of time and, of course, associated expenses you’ll incur, should you attend the event.

This means that, potentially NMI will save you both time and money along with the most important consideration of not needing to be unnecessarily away from your practice.


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Will I also be able to catch up later?

We know that practitioners often have the best intent and plan to listen or read material later – but, we rarely do.

Time gets the better of us, we put it off, we are too tired, forget, lose the links, put it aside for later and before we know it – it has been forgotten.

Natural Medicine Insights will deliver information that you can read in around 10 minutes and in an easy to digest format while providing an opportunity to gain CPD points.

It is a platform that will be keeping you “up to date” with small, digestible chunks of information, meaning that you won’t need to set aside hours of time and brain power to stay informed.

With NMI Membership, you can even select your favourite articles and save them to your "MUST READ LIST" to ensure easy access to information that interests you the most !

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The NMI Mission

With more information, we believe more benefits are possible for all parties.

Assisting practitioners to achieve better knowledge will encourage them to grow,
to maintain learning, to keep up-to-date with the latest research everyday.

As an industry we then become stronger,  practitioners become better
and most importantly the results and patient outcomes are better.

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