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Natural Medicine Insights is a leading
natural health education portal.


Working in conjunction with top Natural Health practitioner brands and research companies, NMI brings you an easier way to keep up to date and source, obtain and utilise the very latest practitioner information.

You'll be saving hours by having all the information you require to increase the success of your practice all in the one easy location.

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Top Natural Health Brands and Research Companies
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These leading companies and brands are supporting your business by providing their research, product information, case studies, event, seminar and webinar information to be published all on ONE convenient website portal making it easier for you to access.

No more wasting valuable time having to spend what seems like hours browsing and navigating through many individual websites to find the vital information you need.

With NMI, you get the relevant information and articles instantly.

You will also receive weekly updates direct to your inbox with summaries of the latest news and information, again providing you with time efficiency and easy access to the latest natural health news and updates on a weekly basis.

You simply select only the information you would like to hear about using your personalised NMI member update alert preferences.


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Yes, you'll be able to receive summaries and highlights of upcoming events prior to their launch.

You'll be able to make informed decisions at to whether the content is relevant and  be certain that the event is totally right for you. No more having to sit through presentations that are of no benefit or relevance to you or your practice.

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*CPE POINTS - CPE points are awarded for subscribing to full membership Natural Medicine Insights and for the time you spend actively logged in and reading articles. The number of CPE points awarded are subject to your individual associations policies.